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Positive Birth Preparation Workshop Nov 2022 SERIES OF CLASSES
November 30, 2022 December 7, 2022

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120 minutes

Comberbach Memorial Hall, Comberbach, Northwich CW9 6AU

An Active Birth Workshop for you and your birth partner.  Taking place over two 2 hour sessions.  Total 4 hours.


- birth positions, gentle yoga movement, breathwork and relaxation techniques which can support each stage of labour and birth
- sharing these techniques with birth partners so they can support you at each stage in the best way for you
- techniques for you and your partner to do together during labour and birth
- ways to navigate staying at home as long as possible and the transfer to hospital if that is your birth plan

- a pdf guide to refer to during labour and birth

You are welcome at any stage of your pregnancy.

The workshop will focus be on labouring and birthing in a hospital or home setting.  It will follow an 'average' straightforward labour and birth pattern, with ways to navigate changes and challenges to this.  The techniques can also be used for induced labour, through the rest of your pregnancy and some even for caesarean birth preparation. But if you have a c section booked chat to me about whether this workshop will be suitable for you.  If you are unsure of your birth plan yet, then its worth keeping all your options open and this workshop might be very useful.

Please bring with you a yoga mat, birthing ball, 2 blankets and 2 cushions if you have them.

The class takes place on...

  • November 30 at 19:15 (Wednesday)
  • December 7 at 19:15 (Wednesday)


Note - This series has already started. You ARE allowed to book, and will be booked into the next class starting on Dec 07, 2022

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This pass is for a 4 hour Active Birth Workshop for you and your birth partner split over two 2 hours sessions. 

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